Customer Expectation List

Dulin Mechanical wants the purchase of your new heating and air conditioning system to be a favorable experience. Therefore, we have a process that our employees follow to help make the installation of your new system go as smoothly as possible. This list will help you better understand what to expect from Dulin Mechanical.


  • Salesperson to present a proposal including all model numbers and scope of work.

  • Salesperson to review the contract with new customer and obtain signatures.

  • Salesperson to contact install coordinator to place the job on scheduling calendar.

  • Salesperson to prepare the job packet for installation manager including contract, Mechanical drawings, load calculations, photos, and any special instructions.

  • Operations Manager to order all equipment and materials necessary for job.

  • Install Coordinator to apply for City-County permit.


  • Crew to arrive on site the day the job is scheduled for.

  • Lead Installer to review with homeowner the work order to confirm that all items the customer is purchasing are correct before the installation begins.

  • Install crew to commence to work and stay for the duration of the job.

  • Install Manager/Install crew to answer any questions the customer may have during the install.

  • Install manager to make site visits to review job for quality purposes, cleanup and inspections.


  • Install Manager/Lead Installer to review completed job with customer.

  • Install Manager/Lead Service Technician/Lead Installer to show customer operation of complete system including the new thermostat.

  • Install Manager/Lead Installer to have all job completion forms signed if needed.

  • Install Manager/Salesperson to collect payment from customer.

  • Install Coordinator to schedule final inspection and coordinate the day with customer.

  • Salesperson follows up with customer to ensure that job went as planned.